Truth Or Consequences & Sierra County Chamber Of Commerce

2024 Membership List

The Truth or Consequences & Sierra County Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the release of its 2024 Membership List, showcasing a diverse and thriving community of local businesses committed to fostering economic growth and development. This comprehensive directory serves as an invaluable resource for both residents and visitors by facilitating connections and promoting collaboration among a wide range of industries within our region.

700 Shovels(By Appointment Only)T or C, NM 87901505-220-0003
Ingo’s Art Café422 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-551-8186
New Mexico Gas Co.2161 Sanford Wilson RdT or C, NM 87901505-220-9813
A.C.T. (youth program nonprofit)422 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-551-8186
303 GalleryPO Box 272T or C, NM 87901281-615-9654
Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce1301 N. White Sands Blvd.Alamogordo, NM 88310575-437-6120
Ambercare908 N. Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-1828 x14404
Cell 575-740-6917
Anton’s MarinePO Box 1063Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-5411
AppleTree Educational Center1300 S. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-5646
Asian Fusion Massage705 Myrtle St.T or C, NM 87901760-336-9189
Bank of the Southwest509 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-7171
Bennett, Barbara815 Yucca St.T or C, NM 87901575-740-3294
Better Business Bureau of the SW7007 Jefferson St. NE, Ste. AAlbuquerque, NM 87109505-346-0110
Birch Street Retreat Lodge & MassagePO Box 1706T or C, NM 87901505-401-1291 / 505-459-5607
Elverum, Kathy32 Palomas Circle RoadWilliamsburg, NM 87942575-644-4115
Black Range Lodge119 Kingston-Main St.Hillsboro, NM 88042575-895-5652
The Club of Sierra County122 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-8336
Brannon, BettiePO Box 1765T or C, NM 87901575-740-1301
Bryan, Grace108 Main Ave.T or C, NM 87901949-371-7691
Buhler, WilliamPO Box 272T or C, NM 87901575-894-3362
Bullocks ShurSav Supermarket630 N Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-6622
C & K Automotive Service & Repair301 Rock Canyon Rd.Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-5487 / Cell 575-740-1777
Carlstedt, Suzanne520 Grape St.T or C, NM 87901N/A
Starry Nite Retreat 718 Van Patten St.T or C, NM 87901575-297-0005
Adoquin Roca Publishing510 East Third AveT or C, NM 87901575-223-3698
Carole Wheeler Dog Park603 CorbettT or C, NM 87901575-313-9971
Be Well Nm6000 Uptown Blvd. NEAlbuquerque, NM 87110505-433-3498
Cedar Cove RV ParkPO Box 898Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-4472
Centipede Tool, LLC405 Camino Del CieloT or C, NM 87901815-262-3584
Chaparral Surveying, LLCPO Box 629Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-740-0334
Charles Hot Springs Motel & Spa601 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-7154
Citizens Bank of Las CrucesPO Box 3400T or C, NM 87901575-894-0820
Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico2640 El Paseo RoadLas Cruces, NM 88001575-521-4974
[email protected]
Dave’s ApartmentsPO Box 422Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-740-0603
Davis Fleck United Pharmacy500 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-3055
Desert Springs Lutheran ChurchPO Box 3544T or C, NM 87901915-300-7360
Desert View RV Park PO Bo 870Elephant Butte, NM 87935[email protected]
Dillwood, LLCPO Box 31T or C, NM 87901575-740-7158
Directory Plus1595 W. AmadorLas Cruces, NM 88005575-647-1009
Dukatt ’71 Custom Shirts220 E. Third Ave.T or C, NM 87901575-894-9088
Elephant Butte Adventure CenterPO Box 272Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-5660
Elephant Butte Lake RV ResortPO Box 981Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-5996
Ekmar Abstract & TitlePO Box 4000T or C, NM 87901575-894-7886
Felts, Matthew H., DDS800 N. Cedar St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-7711
Fire Water Lodge311 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-740-0315
Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Co.160 New School Rd.T or C, NM 87901575-594-9828 / 575-894-2146
Friends of New Mexico Film 517 Austin St.T or C, NM 87901Contact: Nani Rivera
G.T. Evans American Legion Post 44P.O. Box 1073 / 1005 Butte BlvdElephant Butte NM 87935575-744-4144
Gunher’s Guns & Ammo370 N. Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-2666
Szigeti, George & Marilyn913 Spruce St.T or C, NM 87901575-297-4046
Geronimo Springs Museum211 Main Ave.T or C, NM 87901575-894-6600
Grapes Gallery108 Main St.T or C, NM 87901505-690-4321
Greer, ElizaPO Box 3115T or C, NM 87901575-894-3595
Gustin, Cary “Jagger”203 Main Ave.T or C, NM 87901575-312-2050
SIERRA COUNTY SENTINEL (GPK Media)217 East 3rd Ave.T or C, NM 87901575-894-3088
High Tech Consortium of Southern New Mexico4815 Agave Dr.Las Cruces, NM 88004575-644-8427
Holiday Inn Express & Suites2201 F.G. Amin St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-3900
Homesteaders Realty507 NM-195Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-5283
Johnny B’s Restaurant2260 N. Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-0147
Maynard, KenPO Box 987T or C, NM 87901575-574-5316
Blue Heron Retreat410 Grape St.T or C, NM 87901505-859-5788
Kirikos Family Funeral Home, Inc. & Sierra Crematory, LLCPO Box 112T or C, NM 87901575-894-2574
La Cocina Hot Stuff Inc1 Lakeway Dr.T or C, NM 87901575-894-6499
La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa311 Marr St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-3148
Lago Rico / Marina Del SurPO Box 1070Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-223-0757
Lamanna, Dean / Creator-Admin.,
T. or C. & Me (Facebook, Instagram)
(Message via @torceandme on Facebook or Instagram)T or C, NM 87901(Message via @torceandme on Facebook or Instagram)
Leavitt Group SouthwestDrawer VMesilla, NM 88046575-521-1200
Los Arcos Steak & LobsterPO Box 786T or C, NM 87901575-894-6200
Kat Luther Essential Services
(Home & Business Consultant)
(Text or message via Kat Luther Essential Services on Facebook)T or C, NM 87901612-408-0412
M Unlimited, Inc. (AKA Campo) Espinoza, NM602 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-430-3494
Marina Suites MotelPO Box 369Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-5269
Black Range ConstructionPO Box 245Hillsboro, NM 88042575-993-9076
Heydt, Cliff149B S. Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-577-4302
Austin Arts Community517 Austin St.T or C, NM 87901513-678-8736
McDonald’s2109 N. Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-6259
Miner’s Claim Gifts316 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-297-4095
Morgan Marine, Inc.1301 N. Hwy 51T or C, NM 87901575-894-3110
MPG Services1907 S. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-1440
Mr. G’s Boat Storage (Elephant Butte)1430 Girard NEAlbuquerque, NM 87106505-821-0101
Energy Concepts Corporation847 Las Dispensas Sapella, NM 87745505-454-0614 x4
New Mexico Workforce ConnectionPO Box 1072Elephant Butte, NM 87935575 740-6484 575 / 524-6250 (Las Cruces office)
NM Copper Corp / THEMAC Resources Group, Ltd.PO Box 4209T or C, NM 87901505-382-5770
NM Old Time Fiddler’s Assn.PO Box 469T or C, NM 87901575-744-9137
Nu Way Laundry & Cleaners301 Jones St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-3255
Open Arms Pregnancy CenterPO Box 3579T or C, NM 87901575-894-4673
Morningstar Outfitters421 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-8715
Pelican Enterprises108 Main St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-0055
Plaza RealtyPO Box 985Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-5140
QBC Services402 Main Ave.T or C, NM 87901575-740-8426
Friends of Elephant Butte Lake State ParkPO Box 1621Elephant Butte, NM 87935520-471-0134
Rio Bravo Fine Art, Inc.110 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-0572
Rio Grande MotelPO Box 765Williamsburg, NM 87942575-894-9769
Riverbend Hot Springs100 Austin St.T or C, NM, 87901575-894-7625
Rocket Inn605 N Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-2964
Rocky Mountain Cannabis280 N. DateT or C, NM, 87901575-894-1320 [email protected]
Royal Auto and Diesel ServicesPo Box 1220 Elephant Butte, NM 8793564 Greenwood T or C, NM 86901575-297-0113
Cell 575 740-8364
Sea Properties, Ltd.108 Main Ave.T or C, NM 87901575-894-0037
Shattuck Vineyard, LLC43 Bridle RoadCaballo, NM 87931915-491-9459
Sierra County Arts CouncilPO Box 1924T or C NM, 87901575-894-4244
Sierra County Cancer AssistanceHC – 32 Box 8174T or C, NM 87901575-740-3971
Sierra County Historical Society211 Main Ave.T or C, NM 87901575-894-6600
Sierra County Humane Society, Inc.PO Box 638Williamsburg, NM 87942575-740-0643
Sierra County Title CompanyPO Box 767T or C, NM 87901575-894-9015
Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa501 McAdoo St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-6976
Sierra Health Care1400 Silver St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-7855
Sierra Supply1907 S Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-1442
Sierra Vista Hospital800 E 9th AveT or C, NM 87901575 894 2111
Speakes, Rebecca808 Pershing StT or C NM 87901575 894-0410
State Farm Insurance220 N. Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-2528
Sun Valley Hardware400 E Smith StT or C, NM 87901575-894-3648
T or C Community Theater311 N. Foch St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-6689
TDS Telecom510 24th St.Alamogordo, NM 88310575-495-2799
Teston ChevronPO Box 3116T or C, NM 87901575-894-6688
The Center Gallery Fine Art201 S. Foch St.T or C, NM 87901505-428-8418
The Filosa Law FirmPO Drawer 391T or C, NM 87901575-894-7161
Howell Associates Inc.PO Box 632 / 375 S. Foch St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-6611
Truth or Consequences Brewery410 N. Broadway St.T or C, NM 87901575-297-0289
MainStreet Truth or ConsequencesPO Box 1602T or C, NM 87901575-740-6180
United Way of Southwest NMPO Box 1347Las Cruces, NM 88004575-524-7561
Walmart 43412001 H.R. Ashbaugh Dr.T or C, NM 87901575-894-0343
Warm Springs Rent All1320 E. Third Ave.T or C, NM 87901575-894-4030
White Sands FCU1914 N. Date St.T or C, NM, 87901575-894-1411
Whitehead Motors901 N. Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-7155
Whitewater Weekends [CK]818 MagnoliaT or C, NM 87901575-740-3784
Willard Hall PO Box 155Williamsburg, NM 87942575-740-0757
Windstream4001 Rodney Parham Rd.Little Rock, AR 72212501-748-5555
Xacta PrintingPO Box 1921Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-4979
Zia Kayak OutfittersPO Box 1482Elephant Butte, NM 87935575-744-4185
Mesilla HealingPO Box 4222T or C, NM 87901575-444-6116
Farm Bureau Financial Services405 N. Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-894-0060
ACE Lodge1302 Date St.T or C, NM 87901575-740-7017