Lone Tree Camps Lakeshore


Lone Tree Inc. is a non-profit, non-denominational 501(c) 3 organization.

The First Lone Tree Camp started in 1975 just outside Glendo, Wyoming. The first couple of years were very rustic. Camp for the first year consisted of a one hand water pump, a converted chicken coop for a cabin and an old stone house fixed up for a kitchen and dining room. Activities were chosen for their adventure and excitement: horseback riding, rodeo, archery, mountain rappelling, and white water canoe trips to mention a few. Each year the camp grew, new buildings were added and the facilities improved greatly.

As the camp continued to grow the board was concerned that it not develop into another large impersonal camp facility. The board decided rather than build a larger facility, they would help start another camp at a new location with the same goals and purpose. In 1980, land was located in Capitan, NM and the second Lone Tree Bible Ranch was started. Funds were very tight at the time and the Wyoming camp was unable to support the New Mexico Camp, so once again things were rustic and very basic. Tim and Charlene Worrell came down from Wyoming to begin this new Camp in Capitan.

Home for the first two months for Tim, Charlene and their two Children was an 8×10 foot canvas tent. Their children were 2 years old and 5 months old at that time. A logging permit was secured on the Apache reservation and using an old horse and a borrowed harness, logs were hauled out of the forest for the construction of the first New Mexico camp lodge. Chainsaws were used to shape the logs and construction began.

For the first two years water was hauled from Capitan (9 miles away). A sawmill was donated soon after and all lumber for construction came off the camp’s sawmill. In 1982 the New Mexico camp was ready to open (although very rustic). Each year camp has developed and improved in the program, staff and facilities, both in Wyoming and New Mexico. Today, there are six Lone Tree ministries in operation. Two in Wyoming, the Fort, and the Ranch; and four in New Mexico, the Fort, the Lake, the Ranch, and Navaho Missions. God has blessed these ministries tremendously and is continuing to meet our needs daily.