Protecting people is our business. It has been for more than 40 years. In 1969, our founder, Harland Stonecipher, had an epiphany. He found himself financially unprepared for the legal costs he incurred from an accident even though it was not his fault. From that day forward, he was determined to make sure everyone has access to legal protection. No matter how traumatic or trivial the situation. That’s how LegalShield was born.

Today, LegalShield, continues our mission by providing legal protection to over a million members in 49 states and four Canadian provinces. Our network of dedicated lawyers works diligently to keep individuals, families and businesses safe, 24/7/365.

Why We Started

We wanted to level the playing field. Legal issues can mean trouble for anyone. Now, no matter who you are or how much money you have, LegalShield can help with a range of legal services.

What We Believe In

We believe that by educating, protecting and serving our members, we can improve their lives dramatically. With a law firm by your side, you can truly worry less and live more.

We Choose The Best

We’re proud to have high standards. You’re that important to us. We partner with provider law firms across the United States and Canada with specialists in any issue you can think of. Get quality legal assistance when you need it, without worrying about high hourly costs.

LegalShield…Worry Less, Live More.

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