The Truth or Consequences and Sierra County Chamber of Commerce works to support and enhance our community in order for businesses to prosper and grow. We represent business interests in local government and promote our Sierra County area as a desirable tourist destination, a safe, quality place to live, and a viable place for business.

Our office is manned wholly by volunteers. If you or someone you know can donate some time, please let us know.

2020/2021 Chamber of Commerce officers and staff:

Theresa King: President
Sid Bryan: Vice President
Marianne Blaue: Secretary
Sue Penner: Treasurer
Gordon Edelheit: Director
Cary Jagger Gustin: Director
Robert Hanseck: Director
Susan Curry: Office Manager
Fran De La Cruz: Office Clerk
Hans Townsend: Director and Former President (Deceased)
Paid for in part by the city of Truth or Consequences lodgers tax